Our goal is to produce full-bodied, vineyard-driven wines that are true to their varietal character.  In 2015, we placed an emphasis on bottling minimally-blended and minimally-manipulated wines, produced from estate-grown grapes…. so that the taster could appreciate what a particular variety grown in this region is really supposed to taste like.  2016 brought challenges that caused us to acquire varieties not grown here on the farm,  and to  create some interesting and complex blends (with some pretty  fanciful names) along with our stand alone estate Cabernet Franc and a limited amount of Zinfandel!

Although the current industry trend is to move toward lighter, “easy-drinking” wines, there is still a place in our hearts for big, full-bodied red wines! This is a goal,  but not always the end result. Tradition and dogma are important, but so are innovation, creativity, and variety. We are still waiting to see what the “previously-avocado-grove” terroir produces in the long run, but the aim to produce enjoyable and hopefully complex wines from great grapes grown with TLC.

Rules? Who needs rules? Weather and other factors are usually beyond our  control, so we work with what he have! It’s definitely a work in progress and we hope you get a  chance to share in the “fruits” of our labors. Cheers!